Hello, I'm Paul Atchison, a Graphic Designer based in Nottingham, UK. 

Having spent the best part of 10 years working as a Graphic Designer with digital tools, 2016 was the year everything changed. I randomly decided to pick up a calligraphy pen and couldn’t put it down.
With a pen hand and my head stuck in good old-fashioned reference books, I learned a range of scripts and found a particular love for modern brush style. I wanted to break away from the clean corporate design I was being asked to create for my clients. There’s nothing wrong with tidy piece of Helvetica of course, but I wanted to experiment with more illustrative and playful forms that injected a bit of personality. This led me to immersing myself (or more accurately, teetering on the edge of obsession) in all things lettering from hand-drawn custom logos to traditional sign painting.
Since then, I’ve been fortunate to channel my passion for lettering and apply different techniques to a range of exciting projects. It’s also helped me to develop a distinct hand-drawn style of my own.
This blog is a place where I share work, ideas and found inspiration. I also sell the odd print in my shop. If you’d like to find out more about how lettering could work for your project or you’re starting a business that needs a hand-made feel for the brand, please view www.paulatchison.co.uk for my logo and brand identity portfolio 
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