Hello, I'm Paul Atchison, a Graphic Designer based in Nottingham, UK. 
After 12 years of working as a graphic designer specialising in logos and brand identity, I felt I needed to break away from the constraints of the computer. Picking up a pen and paper, I moved towards a more illustrative style and developed a genuine passion for traditional hand lettering and brush script. After practising the craft for a few years, I began to see how hand lettering could really enhance design. Suddenly my work felt alive and had soul! 

Over the years, I've worked with a wide range of clients from small start-ups to charities, large organisations and design agencies. I'm always interested in collaborating with others, on projects where my hand-lettering style can add value.

All good things start with a good conversation. If you'd like to explore how we could work together, please get in touch.
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